Revisiting Rachel Smith’s Rise to Working with SquareOffs

Rachel Smith, Co-Founder and CTO of SquareOffs, LLC., featured on Startup Hustle Podcast.

Growing up, Rachel wanted to be an astronaut and also had a passion for teaching. After she obtained her masters in Physics, she taught high school students for three years and taught ACT prep courses. To better help students in their ACT preparation, she saw the opportunity for a software application that would be able to reach more students.

Using online resources like Khan Academy and Codecademy, Rachel taught herself web development and started building an ACT prep app. She discovered a real affinity for coding and decide to move into that as a career. She later used the ACT prep application to get her first job in web development, which then eventually led her to her current position as the Chief Technical Officer of SquareOffs.

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STARTUP HUSTLE featuring Rachel Smith, Co-Founder & CTO of SquareOffs, LLC.

Part of the new breed of technology leaders that are remaking US companies, Rachel brings an inclusive, collaborative, and adaptive process to managing through the fast moving complexities of today’s software companies.

“The first step to being a good leader is knowing how to delegate. The second is recognizing that asking people for help is a compliment. Cultivating open conversation and having mutual respect for everyone on the team is key.”

Rachel Smith, CTO SquareOffs 2020. Startup Hustle Podcast.

Rachel has an unbounded intellectual curiosity and a large number of specific passions  ranging from women empowerment in technology, science and business; and also specifically the emerging field of brain-computer interface and the myriad of ways this area is beginning to impact many parts of the human experience.

Starting with SquareOffs

SquareOffs mission appealed to Rachel for its ability to engage users with guided questions that lead to meaningful conversations. Rachel uses her leadership position to lift up her team members along with co-founder Jeff Rohr. With the launch of the SquareOffs consumer site and an app on the way, Rachel is excited for SquareOffs growth this coming year!

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