Waira Mungai

Position: VP, Growth
Categories: SquareOffs

Tenacious and driven, with a passion for creativity, and strong instincts for strategic problem solving, Waira has used unrelenting effort, resourcefulness, and belief, to overcome the odds and be well positioned to lead as a multi-faceted executive with a proficiency for startups.

Waira’s path into entrepreneurship began at an early age out of necessity. He managed to use his entrepreneurial talents to pay his way through college and become a first generation college Grad. While studying business and entrepreneurship at the University of Kansas, Waira employed his creative talents and strategic problem solving skills to invent a new product, crowdfund starting capital, establish manufacturing partnerships, and scale to over 300K revenue in the first year. With over 5 years experience as founder and CEO, running a fully operational business, and 2 years experience in Influencer Management, Waira has an earned proficiency for skills across multiple functions in business, including operations, biz dev, digital strategy, customer acquisition, influencer marketing, data analysis, branding, graphic design and more.