The Opinion Network™

Discover what people are thinking. We created SquareOffs because there needed to be a better way to collect and consume opinion online. It’s time that social media is used for good and to cure the comment chaos that is currently found online. At SquareOffs, we have built a platform that elevates, encapsulates, and distributes opinion across the web. We have built a destination for self expression, to give the world a voice, and to display powerful, real-time consensus on events in the world around us. It’s our mission to empower you with insight into the perspectives that shape our world, so that you can form your own opinion.

SquareOffs is built to:

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Deliver the collective truth.


Meet the Square Officers …

Jeff Rohr

Jeff Rohr

Founder & CEO
Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith

Co-Founder & CTO
Mark Werner - 540x640

Mark Werner

SVP, Product & Integration
Waira Mungai - 540x640

Waira Mungai

VP, Growth
Mike Aronow - 540x640

Mike Aronow

SVP, Brand Partnerships (Amplifyer)
Debbie Wentz - 540x640

Debbie Wentz

Head of Data & Analytics
Chad Tongue - 540x640

Chad Tongue

VP, Customer Success
Braden Kobeski - 540x640

Braden Kobeski

Community Manager
Rubén Espinosa Roldán - 540x640

Ruben Espinosa

Senior Web Developer
Brian Klein - 540x640

Brian Klein

Full Stack Developer
Beth Moore - 540x640

Beth Moore

VP, Design
Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 3.14.34 AM

Kevin the Dog

Bowl Cleaner