SquareOffs & Human Made: The building of a WordPress plugin

We all deserve a better way to have conversations online.

With our goal of spreading the SquareOffs content type around the world, we are pleased to have a plugin for the WordPress content management platform. The plugin was developed in conjunction with our partners at Human Made, one of the world’s top WordPress agencies, and allows writers to easily include a SquareOff with their article when publishing. With approximately 50% of all media sites using WordPress and over 20M active sites, it is a sure route to getting our content type in the hands of writers everywhere.

  • The SquareOffs WordPress Plugin is public and currently available in the WordPress.org Plugin directory: https://wordpress.org/plugins/squareoffs/
  • We’ve begun the approval process for WordPress VIP, as we look to roll out with top publishers.

SquareOffs is used by online publishers and brands to create new revenue, promote meaningful conversation, and increase engagement. This new content type is being brought to life in the WordPress community.

SquareOffs allows publishers to direct the conversation around their content through microdebates™. Historically, publishers rely on comment sections and outdated engagement tools to get feedback from their audience. With SquareOffs, they can finally put a stop to comment chaos once and for all. Instead of the standard open text field, writers pick a topic and two answers. Their audience is then able to vote and comment, thus framing the conversation and creating better conversation online.

We chose to work with Human Made after a thorough search and analysis of the industry the top WordPress development agencies. There were two main reasons that ultimately made our decision for us. First, we wanted our plugin to be built right. Human Made’s immaculate track record of plugin development was the first indicator that they would be able to do so. Second, was their immersion within the WordPress community. With Human Made having a comprehensive view of how sites are developed as well as what look and feel the SquareOffs plugin needed to have was the home run.

At SquareOffs we believe everyone deserves a voice and the WordPress Plugin helps make that possible. Whether it’s …

– fostering friendly sports debate

– conversing about the latest political news

– reviewing products

– getting feedback from your community on the latest health and beauty trends

– or, speculating around the latest entertainment news

… our users are able to seamlessly place a SquareOff inline within an article or create a snap article, where the readers can then join the conversation and create content in the process.

We all deserve a better way to have conversations online. SquareOffs cuts through the comment chaos and creates a better experience for readers and writers alike.